Cars Gate Website Opening

Cars Gate Website Opening


We are pleased to announce the opening of the first phase of the Cars Gate website to provide the information and services you need in the automotive field.

This stage includes the operation of the site to start working on the content of the special sections, which will be announced as soon as they are ready, in addition to the opening of the site news section, where all updates and developments on the site are announced.

We are also pleased to announce the test opening of Cars Gate Market to serve as a classified ads platform that allows its users to create ads for buying and selling cars and all related products such as accessories and spare parts in local currency, free of charge and without any commissions during the test opening of the service.

Cars Gate Market includes many distinguished features and services to display your ads, including adding an ad with a specific value (fixed price) or activating the auction service (bidding) and many other features that you can discover and explore by registering in the Cars Gate Market, and with the largest possible number of features, we have made sure on ease of use and simplicity in dealings and displaying the content, there is no need anymore to search between comments and responses for the highest value (bid) that the ad has reached, as it has been placed in a clear and prominent place in the advertisement.

To discover all the features in the Cars Gate Market, you can register by clicking here